Richard Thompson: Army LTC Matthew Dooley falsely accused of anti-Muslim bigotry

October 10, 2012

This morning, I interviewed Richard Thompson, the President of the Thomas More Law Center. He is representing a highly decorated soldier in a fight to defend himself against accusations of anti-Muslim bigotry. I asked Mr. Thompson to confirm when the course was started and how LTC Dooley came to instruct ‘Perspectives of Islam and Islamic Radicalization’ at the DOD’s Joint Forces Staff College. In part, he replied:

“It was a 2004 course, when it started. They asked him [in 2011] to step in as an instructor. He took his position and did, as you indicated, an outstanding job based upon the evaluation he got from a Brigadier General. The guest lecturers that he brought in were all approved prior to him even coming into that course [emphasis added his] as an instructor. The class syllabus was all approved. There was nothing extraordinary about the content of his class.

“But one individual — who never really attended a lecture by LTC Dooley — got upset, reported it outside of the chain-of-command, it got into the Department of Defense political operations, and that’s what started it all.

“And the concern I have is this: once we indicated our representation of LTC Dooley, we have gotten several other officers who indicate the same thing happened to them. They disciplined a Muslim soldier, that soldier made a complaint, and that was the end of the officer’s career. … We should have learned our lesson in 2009 with the Fort Hood massacre.”

Please listen to the full interview and read all about it.

All Muslims do not wish to subjugate others or attack non-believers. Yet America’s decades-long enemy reads and gets its ideology from the same book. Many Islamists use or aide violence to achieve their goal, a world caliphate. Millions wage political, economic, and cultural warfare against the United States and western civilization.

It is national suicide for the American people to not understand the ideology driving the Islamists, why they seek the destruction of our liberty through the implementation of sharia law. And it is a form of fratricide to deny our war fighters the knowledge they need to identify the enemy we send them to face and fight on the battlefield.


Note: You can download the mp3 here.

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